Friday, February 24, 2006 

Priceless Is Right

Britney Spears should really stop working so hard. The long tiring trip down an escalator and then she has to WALK to her car. That sounds like hard work, no wonder she needs a nanny to feed the baby while she's STANDING right there.

Thursday, February 16, 2006 

Sex Tape You DONT Want To See?

Finally there might be a sex tape that I personally wouldn't care to see. Red Light District, the company that released "One Night in Paris and One Night in Chyna" says that they have obtained a tape which shows rocker Kid Rock and Scott Stapp having explicit and raunchy sexapades with female fans on a tour bus.

The tapes are no fakes, if you want to see for yourself, Red Light District has released two new websites to promote the tapes and you can watch a short video clip:

Kid Rock
Scott Stapp


Ode To A DUI

Another day another drunk driving celebrity. Country singer John Michael Montgomery was arrested for driving under the influence, prescription drugs out of their container and carrying two concealed weapons.

Don't you just love how the celebrities learn from other's mistakes?


Girls Gone Wild...Again

Neve Campbell and Denise Richards are reportedly set to do another film together. Producers aren't calling it a sequel to Wild Things, since Wild Things 2 came out on straight to video release already. Good thing too since if I recall Denise Richards was killed in Wild Things, along with most of the cast.

The new film will be titled BackStabbers and features a man who has his wife kidnapped unaware that his mistress and bodyguard are double-crossing him. Producers are also trying to get some of the other cast members from Wild Things.

Good Luck. Neve jumped at the chance because well, have you seen her in anything much over the years? Matt Damon and Kevin Bacon might come back and all in all, I really don't see any of these people as A-listers. It's just me, but I don't. More of a -B.


Oprah Frye's Tom Cruise

Using the interview between Frye and the couch jumping episode with Tom Cruise, some genius decided to put them together and show how the Tom Cruise interview should have gone. IE. He's gay.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

A Doughy Paris

Julian MacDonald was reportedly floured by Peta yesterday at Fashion Week in London. Paris Hilton and other standers-by were also accidentally covered. Accident? Please they winged her just for the hell of it, who wouldn't? Mr. MacDonald was floured because of the use of animal furs in his fashion line.

Via Dlisted

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 

K-Fed Looking For A New Home

Kevin Federline was seen in an alley today and I could only assume that him and Britney are looking for a second home and that alley looks comfy.


Tastes As Good Coming Up As...

Nicole Richie was out and about today and she's holding icecream. Is she trying to convince that she pigs out on snacks like the regular people? Good try Nicole but even if you were face first in a bucket of the stuff, we'd still think that it will be coming back up real soon.


Quickie Dump

Britney Spears rushed to hospital for a cold because you know how celebrities are so much more "fragile" than we are. They are in and out of the hospital for things like exhaustion, when we would just go to bed and get some damn sleep.

And while wifey is in hospital K-Fed and his buddies decided to go have fun spraying bullets around ala Dick Cheney. Well when your white trash, jobless and a major asshole what else do you have to fill your day, actual work? Yeah, right.

Rumors are around that Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake are breaking up. Might be for the best because if JT decided to get lippy one day, she could take him down. He's a wimp.

Shannen Doherty the bitch of Hollywood (I love her) was reportedly in a car accident with another vehicle and the other driver was hospitalized. Shannen is being named at fault and will be ticketed. Wonder how long we have to wait for this lawsuit.


Katie Holmes Is Gnawing At Her Ankle Chains

A source has reported that Katie Holmes is getting cold feet and would like her and Tom's relationship to move a little bit slower.

Tom Cruise seems like a control freak, so good luck on getting away Katie. Here's a little tip, call Scarlett Johannson and find out how she escaped from Mr. Crazy Cruise.

What do you think is finally making her wake up? The scientology, his height, his possessiveness, his obsessiveness, wants her to give up everything to watch his little demon in training, the small room he keeps her chained in, or the fact that he's absolutely fucking INSANE!


Evangeline Lilly Pregnant Rumors

Due to a few pictures that show Evangeline Lilly was relaxing and not sucking it in for all she's worth, everyone is buzzing with rumors that she's pregnant and that the pictures "prove" to be a baby bump. Get off it already, it just proves that someone in Hollywood actually eats.

Via tmz


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Lindsay Lohan Ate Something

Lindsay Lohan who has been looking like she's 1lb above kidney failure now looks like she actually digested a meal. Arms are still pretty thing but the rest of her seems to be filling out including her bikini top. See Lindsay chew, swallow and repeat, we knew you could figure it out.


The Crackhead Anorexic Look Doesn't Work

Monday, February 13, 2006 

J To The Wife Beater

Courtesy: Dlisted

Dlisted recently posted a gif of Jayz apparently hitting a girl/woman. Some say it was a friend and he was playing with her. IF and I stress IF he was playing then I certainly don't want to be his "friend". His face looks extremely fierce, he knocks something out of her hand, that seems to be a firm shove AND the guy behind him comes up and seems to be trying to calm down Jay-z. Yet this was a little joke-joke, riiiiight.

However some argues that if it was real the girl would have sued and I understand their point as well, but this is just too rough to be kidding around with a small girl/woman. Think Beyonce's dad would let Jayz "play" like that with his daughter? I think not.


Desperately Seeking Attention

Contactmusic is reporting that Nicolette Sheridan the old looking whore on Desperate Housewives will perform with the PussyCat Dolls on Valentine's Day. No matter how hard you try to be a sex symbol again you gotta realize your old, go sit in your rocker and please stop trying to show me your cooch every other minute.


Kerry Squeals On Kelly

R.Kelly's brother Kerry is shopping around a dvd in which he dishes the dirt on his older sibling. Kerry makes a lot of shocking allegations against his brother and here are a few of them.


Did have a relationship with young Aaliyah (R.I.P Baby Girl).
Molested his niece.

Is the man having sex with the young girl on the tape, a tape that he showed to all his friends.
Tried to pay him off with a record deal and $50,000 to say that it was Kerry on the tape.
Beats his wife and makes her do three-somes.

But Kerry's biggest claim yet is that R.Kelly is bi-sexual and has had numerous relationships with men and that Trapped in the Closet is a biography.


Britney Spears The Humanatarian?

Britney Spears will be heading over to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with a few "surprises for a group of very deserving young residents." Considering the fact that were talking about Britney Spears here, I wonder how she's supposed to help someone else, when she can't seem to help herself much. But her good job BS, I'd give you two thumbs up but I'm afraid K-fed will steal them.


Honeymoon Is Over For Scott Stapp

Married only a few hours Stapp (Creed frontman) was arrested for public intoxication in L.A. when he tried to get on a plane. Even dumber he was unruly and demanded a blood-alcohol test, which showed that he was twice the legal limit. Smart move Scott. Good Luck on the honeymoon and all that. It's nice of him though to let the little wifey know what she's getting into. Of course it would have been nicer to let her know before the wedding.


Sienna Miller's Halloween Costume

Sienna Miller showed up on the red carpet of a UK Premiere and apparently it's Halloween over there. There's no other reason I can gather as to why she is dressed that way. She's making money now, how about hiring a stylist Milly.


A Tale of Two Psychos

They called Kanye West a controversial rapper, but I just call him a jackass. Even though he swept the awards at the Grammy's he's still pouting that U2 won Album of the Year. Next he thinks he's so special that he should be put in the bible. What's he up to now?

Well Tom Cruise has mesmerized Mr. West into updating the "Mission Impossible" theme song. Kanye was too busy but using the power that only Katie Holmes has felt, he made Kanye West do his bidding. Great. If those two hang around together who knows what hell they will bring down on the rest of us. One is crazier than the next or maybe it's just their supersized, inflated egos.


Janet Jackson Told To Lose It!

Janet Jackson has taken a lot of flack for daring to gain a few pounds and now her record label, Virgin, has told her to lose the weight or get out. Janet has to get fit by September 2006 or they won't release her new album. I think this is why so many have their own labels.


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Paris Hilton Has A Scent...And It Smells Like Tramp

Tired of getting money for nothing Paris Hilton has decided to hawk her own perfume and let's hope it smells better than she does after a hoe's night out. Paris also looks a little preggo in this ugly dress.

After working the longest hour of her life bug eyes headed to Miami. Does she not have enough money to pay someone to dress her? Her pants is fallen down and showing her panties, although it's refreshing to see that for once she's actually wearing underwear.

Work is over and it's now time for Paris to whore the night away at a Miami nightclub. I think Paris is coming down with something (probably STD related) because first she's wearing panties and next she's not showing her crotch by wearing a long skirt and her chest bumps are sort of covered, wow.


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